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In Eyesteroids, you are in charge of the defense systems for the Eyeship, a spaceship shaped like an eye, traveling through the cosmos. The Eyeship has a rotating shield that the player controls to vaporize incoming asteroids and protect the ship. Along with asteroids, the ship also encounters power-ups and balls of pure energy called anti-asteroids throughout its journey. Asteroids will damage the ship if they collide with it, anti-asteroids will damage the ship if they collide with the shield, and power-ups give the player helpful abilities when they collide with the ship. The player’s goal in the game is to keep the ship safe for as long as possible. The player increases their score overtime and will lose the game if they take four hits of damage.

The aim of this game is for it to be accessible and enjoyed by people with differing visual impairments, such as macular degeneration, colorblindness, etc. This is done by changing visual aspects of the game, without modifying the core gameplay. Individual accessibility through player adjustment was key for the development, and the project team ensured that both the coding and graphics of the game allow for this.

The game was created by a team of four students at the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, as the main course project for Gaming for the Greater Good(ENGR 100 - 650), a core engineering course that tasked students with the creation of a game that was accessible to player's with visual impairments.

The team:

Akash Agrawal Bejarano (akashab@umich.edu)

Ching Hang Benny Chan (four@umich.edu)

Aaron Leiss (leiaar@umich.edu

Juan Rivera Plata (jjrp@umich.edu)

Install instructions

Download the zip file provided on the game page, then run the executable (Eyesteroids.exe).

Game reference manual is also provided on the game page.


Eyesteroids.zip 133 MB
Eyesteroids Reference Manual.pdf 2 MB

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